2015 Year-To-Date


Augusts 2015 profit


10/50 win & place
Total turnover $4775

Results are generated live.
All results are subject to
bank size, experience, user
proficiency & time spent.



Our unrivaled Training and Support is your key to success...

Structured Support and Training Program

In your first 30 days, we will take you through a simple 4 step process to live trade with our unique software. Our clients rave about our support and training.

Training Summary

Our structured program helps you trade with minimal risk and maximum confidence 

Lesson 1

  • Software is installed
  • Setup software and guided tour (remote connection)
  • Default criteria are set and basic settings explained
  • Manual is given for review
  • Self Study - Complete task 1

Lesson 2

  • Review task 1
  • Introduction to Bettortrader trading techniques
  • Understand the market and how it affects what we see
  • Key indicators are explained
  • Learn to analyze the live market
  • Basic selection strategies are taught
  • Reading alerts and how to respond to them
  • Self Study - - Complete task 2

Lesson 3

  • Review task 2
  • Master the Betlogic Money Manager settings and their effects
  • Trading with stop loss & floating stop loss settings
  • Target & percentage staking plans
  • Understanding the ‘value versus strike rate’ trade off
  • Basics of trading psychology and discipline
  • Self Study- Complete task

Lesson 4

  • Review task 3
  • Optimizing your trading plan
  • Defining risk management based on bank size and risk profile
  • Opening your accounts and configuring with Bettortrader
  • Review the trading plan
  • Self Study- Complete task 4

Ongoing Training and Support

Top-up training is then conducted for one hour once per week at your request and available for the term of the subscription.

These training sessions drill further into market analysis and selection techniques to find ultimate value and to maximize your strike rate and profits while concentrating heavily on what not to do. Training webinars (online seminars) are run regularly. You will not find the levels of support and training offered by Bettortrader anywhere, regardless of which industry.

You will also learn how to set up the software for full automatic betting using Betlogic and how to assess each day in order for Betlogic to perform at its best. We will also show you how to best manage your bank and position in the market.

Most importantly, you will learn our unique and most simple 'Spike Hunter' trading method to use in conjunction with the software which will turbocharge your profits and aim for the best percentage on turnover.

We also even run LIVE Trading webinars every Saturday! That means you watch us trade and you can follow us to profit while you learn. You will be provided with a comprehensive training manual to start you off and all previous webinars are accessible online via our website.

For examples of live webinars that have been uploaded to Youtube, <click here>

If you would like more information, please contact us  



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Click the above image for an example of Bettortrader in action - taken from a live trading webinar on Melbourne Cup Day 2012 with 103 customers in attendance (Youtube will open in a new window)

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