2015 Year-To-Date


Augusts 2015 profit


10/50 win & place
Total turnover $4775

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All results are subject to
bank size, experience, user
proficiency & time spent.



Software, Education & Live Coaching to Help Profit From Racing Since 2005.

Bettortrader is without doubt Australia's leading bet market investment software package. Backed up by unrivaled hands-on training and support, Bettortrader has helped people profit from all codes of racing in Australia, New Zealand and beyond since 2005.

Why choose Bettortrader?

  No experience necessary - Our training & software are second to none

  From novice to professional - Anyone can benefit from our time proven methods

  Lowest capital risk - Pay as you go with affordable subscription packages

  No false promises or high pressure sales - Our 10 year history speaks for itself

  Learn to earn faster - Structured weekly training gets you trading in 30 days

  You're never alone - Chat instantly with support staff through instant live chat

  Extensive Members Area - Forums & resources with hundreds of hours of video

  We put you first - The most knowledgeable & helpful company in the industry

  Confidence - Long established family run business since 2005

  Accuracy, speed & reliability - Ultra fast live data provided by Bettordata

  Betlogic - Our full automatic or semi automatic feature

  Protect your profits - Stop loss and trailing/floating stop loss money management

  Paper trading - Gain confidence by practicing in the live market

  Above all else - Bettortrader is enjoyable, easy to use and it's profitable. Try it for yourself with one of our subscriptions and we guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Want to know more?

The Bettortrader software has served hundreds of people well for over a decade. The software is outstanding but what makes it the market leader is our unrivaled know-how which we pass along to you via our industry leading support and training.

We could go on about what we do and how we do it but the best thing to do is book a live demo. Even then you won't know how good it really is until you give it a go and that is the nature of all businesses.

Unlike others though with claims of guarantee profits while asking you to risk tens of thousands up front to prove it, Bettortrader offers you the ultimate in confidence by allowing you to pay as you go with our various subscriptions.

We care about our customers and we show it with through our dedication to customer satisfaction, our Pay-As-You-Go subscriptions and by offering the most accessible and transparent business in the industry.

As with any business or tool, a lot depends on the person running it but if you spend just a little time learning our ways, employ common sense and discipline, Bettortrader can be a most rewarding and enjoyable venture.

Would you like to see more or have a chat with us? Just click below to submit your contact details or call us on 1300 238 867 from 10am to 6pm Monday - Friday or 11am - 5pm Saturday. 

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All live trading webinars, group training webinars and one-on-one coaching sessions are hosted by Kevin Riddell - Director

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