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The Bettortrader business is no longer providing services and is now permanently closed as of Friday 16th October.

I would sincerely like to thank all of our loyal members for the past 10yrs and I and welcome you to keep in touch for news regarding the new business and software to be launched in 2016. Expressions of interest can be emailed to info @ bettortrader . com.

Support will be available to eligible customers until 21st December. For a more detailed send off, please check the Bettortrader Facebook page or the News page on this site, both of which will be updated on Tuesday 20th October.

I wish you all the very best for the future.

Kind regards,

Kevin Riddell


8th October 2015 4:52PM:

Due to current licensing changes imposed by TABCORP on both the Bettordata and the Australian Prices Network licensing and all related data access, our subscriptions are not currently available for any NEW Subscriptiondata (Bettordata) customers and only until 31/12/15 for previous Bettordata subscribers.

This matter is completely out of our control and will affect all businesses and individuals who rely on Bettordata and related data products such as APN, as well as all other data products provided by Subscriptiondata.

All commercial Bettordata distributors, programs that use Bettordata and the owners/suppliers of the Bettordata feed themselves will be affected.

Given the statement issued by Subscriptiondata (you can read it yourself via the link at the end of this statement), one can safely assume that the decision has come from the copyright owners of the data itself i.e Racing Victoria etc and the TABs such as TABCORP.

In light of the current issues, Subscriptiondata is NOT allowing any NEW customer sign up, effective immediately.

However, previous Subscriptiondata customers may resubscribe on a month-by-month basis up until 31st December 2015 ONLY.

If you would still like to take advantage of the lucrative Spring racing markets AND you have previously been a Subscriptiondata customer, you are welcome to top up your data and subscribe to one of our monthly options.

The exciting news! - Yes, this is very exciting! Our new software is going to be the most innovative of its kind globally, with many 'world firsts' and features never before seen in ours or any other software.

However, it was to utilize the commercial Bettordata feed that is currently no longer available.

I'm extremely happy to announce though, that we have already now secured an alternative data source for it.

The new software was always going to replace the Bettortrader software some time this year and as such, the Bettortrader business and brand was to be wound up shortly after release of that new software which was first scheduled for public release in June 2015.

The vision, planning and wishlist for this build have been stirring in the background since 2010 after our last major rebuild.

The thinking behind this project, the strategies it has for automatic betting and the many other new, unique features, are far from overnight sensations or meaningless whistles and bells. This truly will be a global leader in market tracking betting applications.

It will now take a few months to redesign the software to work with the new data feed, so I expect the first public release by the end of January and working versions available to existing Bettortrader members in December.

This will be one of the most exciting programs to ever be released for public use. If you are interested to know more and would like to go onto our mailing list for information regarding that release, please email your expression of interest to themanager at bettortrader dot com.

In the meantime, we can not take on ANY new customers that HAVE NOT previously subscribed to Bettordata via Subscriptiondata.com and even then, we can only provide our service until 31/12/15 when the data supply will end for good.

If you would like to be a part of the very last Bettortrader Spring Carnival and see if we can make it 7 out of 10 Melbourne Cup winners with the Bettortrader software, jump on board now or give me a call if you're unsure.

After investing a quarter of life into this business and working so hard at it for so many years, I am of course extremely saddened by this debacle but we are not the only ones affected.

The situation is widespread and far reaching. All programs that rely on Bettordata are faced with the same issue, along with many outlets such as pubs, clubs, television networks and many other establishments.

Bettortrader has had my heart and soul in it for over 10yrs, as well as a huge financial investment and there are many who rely on Bettortrader for their income, some for many, many years. The Bettortrader business along with using the software itself, have also been my only source of income for well over a decade.

Please see the Bettortrader Facebook Page for our official full statement here (the only change being that we do in fact now have a data source for the new software which will still go ahead and be released by early 2016): https://www.facebook.com/Bettortrader.horse.racing.software
and you can read the official statement from the data supplier here: http://www1.subscriptiondata.com/

If you have any queries or concerns etc, feel free to call me direct on 1300 238 8671300 238 867. I'll keep social media channels updated as I get more information.

Kind regards,

Kevin Riddell


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