Since 2005, Bettortrader has offered a first class premium software package including industry beating training and support, to help make steady profit.

By utilizing global betting markets, along with our unique software and simple methods, many of our members are able to enjoy a second income stream and some even rely on us for their primary income.

It's very affordable, easy to use, proven beyond any doubt for the past 9yrs, feature rich, value packed and it works.

Why Bettortrader is the first choice for any astute buyer:

  No previous experience necessary - we teach you all you need to know

  First class software with unrivaled training, customer oriented support and decades of know-how.

  No false promises, get-rich-quick spiels or high pressure tactics.

The fairest and most affordable start up costs in the industry, with Pay As You Go subscriptions and Value Packages. Don't get caught out paying thousands upfront for a system that may not work for you. Only continue to pay because you are happy.

A trusted, long running business since 2005 with 700+ members globally.

  Training and webinars are conducted by our hands on company owner/director, assuring that you are in the right hands to achieve your success.

  Chat instantly with staff and other Bettortrader customers through 24/7 live group chats, regular webinars, Members Forums and Bettortrader Facebook fan page.

  Extensive Members Area with many learning resources along with hundreds of hours of recorded webinars so you can learn more and earn faster. 

  Many hundreds of hours of recorded webinars showing live profits being made for our customers, all available for download from our Members Area.

  Use of Australias fastest, licensed TAB data, Bettordata - with a 25yr history of accuracy, speed and reliability.

  We work hard to achieve customer satisfaction - the Bettortrader brand has been built on providing customer care that is second to none and profitable results to match.

  Flexible hours - Use full time or just 1 day per week. The choice is yours. There are opportunities to make money throughout every day, 7 days per week and some evenings with Friday night being one of the most profitable times available to Bettortrader customers.

No promises of overnight success - Not all are equal. Not all are disciplined, not all will do enough training or any at all and some just won't like it. Some are naturals while others take more time to learn. Our subscriptions ensure the fairest possible way to see if it's right for you.

After all is said and done, the real proof is still in the pudding. If you would like to see some right now, please read on...

The videos on our Youtube Channel go back many years. They are Live Trading Webinars held each Saturday for our members to follow our selections live and earn while they learn. They are not polished sales videos with the sole aim of attracting new customers.

If you want a somewhat polished presentation/demonstration, please complete a Live Demo Request and you will receive the red carpet style guided tour - minus the sales waffle and dream selling.

What the recorded webinars do however, is show the potential returns that our software and training can offer, through the obvious profits made during our many webinars. You will not come away from watching any of our videos with a firm knowledge of all that we do. That comes in the training.

They simply show day to day use via our Saturday Live Trading webinars on live markets, in front of a live audience of Bettortrader customers.

You can view one such video below and another over to the right of one of our Melbourne Cup Special live trading webinars. There are many more on Youtube and a few hundred hours worth in our Members Area. The one below runs for 2hrs but there is no better proof to show that what we have works.

The Melbourne Cup Special to the right, runs for just 10mins and there is just a little bit of excitement so turn down your speakers. To view our private videos on Youtube.

We have many hundreds hours of such videos, with all webinars recorded since they started back in 2009. Some are on Youtube and the rest are available for download in our Members Area. Feel free to email us any questions or even better, book in for a chat and a live demo. Enjoy!

Don't forget to switch the player to full screen. For the best clarity while watching the video, click the settings cog wheel at the bottom of the player and select 720p to watch in High Definition. Please also be aware that no live trades were placed until 1hr 19mins into the webinar on Flemington R5, so if you like you can watch through as we discuss the races we are leaving alone, or fast forward straight into the action.

Click to view a sample webinar

Click to view our 35min pre-recorded presentation or book in for an obligation free, 1hr live demonstration.

Click the above image for an example of Bettortrader in action - taken from a live trading webinar on Melbourne Cup Day 2012 with 103 customers in attendance (Youtube will open in a new window)

All live trading webinars, group training webinars and one-on-one coaching sessions are hosted by Kevin Riddell - Director

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