Since 2005, Bettortrader has provided affordable software, training and support to help people profit from betting markets in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore.

We are the longest running Australian & New Zealand company in this industry, providing the most profitable opportunity, unparalelled customer support and most feature packed, professionally built software available today.

We provide a world class, high performing software with training, support and results that go well beyond the over-priced alternatives, while ensuring our customers have the best money making opportunity in the industry.

Many of our members operate the Bettortrader software as a full time business, while others use it part time to supplement their income and we have helped them do so since 2005.

Whether it's just a few hundred dollars extra from a couple of hours each week, or a serious full time pursuit, the Bettortrader software can fulfill almost any financial requirement with the appropriate bank size and training.

It's fun, it's affordable and it works. Don't settle for less.

Why you should speak with us:

Proof - Years of it! To better aid our members, we started conducting live trading webinars in 2009 to help them make money in the live market. Many recordings can be seen on Youtube and prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that our software performs better than this page could ever convey. See for yourself in the video below.

Low risk - You do not need to part with thousands of dollars upfront to get the best software and support on the market. Our numerous subscription offerings mean you have the option to pay as you go while our upfront once only payment for our Premium Lifetime Package still offers the best value available. Either way, it means more in your pocket, less initial upfront capital to recoup, far less stress and a relaxed start to your venture.

Trust - We are the longest running, most transparent company in the industry. Our past performance can be verified through hundreds of hours of recorded webinars and we have a high profile on all social media platforms. Our company was formed in 2005 with the very first system sold in November 2005. Australasian Trade Tool Developments was founded solely for the purpose of providing the Bettortrader software and services - this is what we do.

We did not buy a 10year old shelf company so we can tell people we have been around that long, nor did we start out doing something else and thought this would just be a good product to make money from by selling for a 3rd party developer. This is our profession and while there will always be imitators, there is only one Bettortrader. No-one comes close to the products, proven history and outstanding support services that we offer... PERIOD!

You’re never on your own - Feel confident knowing you’re a part of a friendly community of other users. Daily group chats, social media, members forums and numerous webinars (online group sessions) keep you in the loop and are a great way to get to know other members. You can chat instantly with Bettortrader staff and learn from what other members are doing.

We teach you all you need to know in order to profit and save you from needless losses. Bettortrader is much more than just software - it's an education and for many, it's a way of life.

Performance That’s what this is all about, isn’t it? Aside from all else, Bettortrader has proven itself for over 8yrs to be a powerful tool for generating profits from betting markets associated with racing. It's up to you to follow the system. Go it on your own and you will find a long arduous journey ahead. Our approach has been refined and proven over many years.

There are several things to consider before suggesting the possible returns but again, our videos and past results tell all.

FlexibilityBettortrader can be used part time or full time, on any computer with Windows operating system and can go anywhere. It can be treated as a profitable part time venture using it only one or two days per week for as little as a few minutes per session (literally! - one race only takes a few minutes) or it can be a serious full time occupation, using it 6days per week and 5hrs per day. The choice is yours.

Want to know more?

The videos on our Youtube Channel go back many years. They are Live Trading Webinars held each Saturday for our members to follow our selections live and earn while they learn. They are not polished sales videos so there is a bit of general banter and 'comical relief' as we wait for each next event. They do however, show the fantastic potential that our software and training offers, through the obvious profits made during our many webinars. What other more solid proof could anyone possibly offer?

You can view one such video below and another over to the right of our Melbourne Cup Special webinar from last year. There are many more on Youtube and a few hundred hours worth in our Members Area. Warning: The one below runs for 2hrs but there is no better proof to show that what we have works. The Melbourne Cup Special to the right, runs for just 10mins and there is just a little bit of excitement so turn down your speakers.

Don't forget to switch the player to full screen and for the best clarity while watching the video, click the settings cog wheel at the bottom of the player and select 720p to watch in High Definition. Please also be aware that no live trades were placed until 1hr 19mins into the webinar on Flemington R5, so if you like you can watch through as we discuss the races we are leaving alone, or fast forward straight into the action.

Yes, Kevin was a little excited picking up a $63 winner especially seeing everyone follow along for a great profit - and who wouldn't be? We have many hundreds hours of such videos, with all webinars recorded since they started back in 2009. Some are on Youtube and the rest are available for download in our Members Area. Feel free to email us any questions or even better, book in for a chat and a live demo. Enjoy!

Click to view a sample webinar

Click to view our 35min pre-recorded presentation or book in for an obligation free, 1hr live demonstration.

Click the above image for an example of Bettortrader in action - taken from a live trading webinar on Melbourne Cup Day 2012 with 103 customers in attendance (Youtube will open in a new window)

All live trading webinars, group training webinars and one-on-one coaching sessions are hosted by Kevin Riddell - Director

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