$15,971.70 Profit
$42,115 total turnover

2014 - $69,497.60

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    size, level of experience &
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Australias #1 technical analysis software & education to help profit from all codes of racing, since 2005.

The Bettortrader software, along with our expert guidance & time proven strategies, have delivered outstanding results & unbeatable return on investment for over a decade.

Our comprehensive personal training & support is at the core of our members' success. It's not just what you use, it's how you use it.

Why choose Bettortrader? ...

  No guesswork - Our software & time proven strategies are purely technical & based solely on following market trends.

  No experience needed - We provide the highest level of support & education available to help ensure your ongoing success.

  Pay as you go with flexible monthly subscriptions or choose one of our value packages.

  No exaggerated claims or pushy sales spiels - our results & long history speak for themselves.

  Full featured software with easy to read signals, automation, history, money management & much more.

  A long running family business since 2005.

  Training, coaching & live webinars conducted 6 days per week.

  Chat instantly with staff & other Bettortrader customers through 24/7 instant group chats & forums.

  Extensive Members Area - learn to earn faster with extensive resources including hundreds of hours of recorded webinars.

  We put you first - The most accessible, transparent, knowledgeable & helpful company in the industry.

The proof is in the pudding...

Some of the videos on our Youtube Channel go back to 2009 & are recordings of some of our Saturday Live Trading Webinars. These are held as a part of our service, enabling you to follow our real-time investments.

The live recordings undoubtedly show the high levels of support & guidance we offer while proving beyond any doubt that Bettortrader is a high performing investment system. However, these recordings are not polished, thorough sales demonstrations.

To view a professionally delivered in-depth presentation/demonstration, please complete an obligation free Live Demo Request.

We have several videos on Youtube & hundreds of hours more in our Members Area. We can't put all of what we do in the public domain as it would be giving away our trade secrets. If you need more information though, we are here to help so please contact us.

Don't forget to switch the player to full screen. For the best clarity while watching the video, click the settings cog wheel at the bottom of the player and select 720p to watch in High Definition.

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Click the above image for an example of Bettortrader in action - taken from a live trading webinar on Melbourne Cup Day 2012 with 103 customers in attendance (Youtube will open in a new window)

All live trading webinars, group training webinars and one-on-one coaching sessions are hosted by Kevin Riddell - Director

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